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A service-disabled veteran owned small business, dedicated to customer service and excellence and getting you the right product when you need it.

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WOW, that was fast! I barely had time to hit send/receive! Thanks for the quick turnaround!


Tommy P

All thanks go to you and your team. We met our emergency deadline that required the items and saved us a lot of

money and administrative hassles.

Jason B

Erin C, Thank you for the chat today. I appreciate the speed at which you were able to answer my questions. I appreciate your courtesy and willingness to help.


John D

Outstanding! Thank you so very much. I wish all the vendors we worked with were like SEVA!

Your team ROCKS!!!!!

Lisa R

From the blog

As our previous MILSTRIP contract has recently expired, we are working to obtain a new contract to continue serving government procurement needs…

Does Your First Aid Kit meet the New ANSI Standards?

First of all, who Is ANSI ??

Q: What is ANSI?

What does your day look like? If you are like most modern Americans it is waking up, sitting in a car for a commute, sitting at your desk for 8+…