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What does your day look like? If you are like most modern Americans it is waking up, sitting in a car for a commute, sitting at your desk for 8+ hours, sitting in a car on the way home and then sitting for several hours at home after work before bed. My back hurts just thinking about it! Did you know that all that sitting could be dangerous?

FOB Origin vs. FOB Destination If you are like I was when first introduced to government contracting, some clarification on FOB Origin and FOB Destination shipping terms when shopping on GSA Advantage would have been helpful. Our customers have questions about this topic all the time so we knew it was the perfect subject to talk about here.

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Have you ever placed an order on DOD EMALL, only to get an invoice from a vendor that doesn’t match your original purchase price? While all of your purchases may be made using your Government Purchase Card, the funds on DOD EMALL are distributed in two very different ways. Take a look at the symbols above: